Your blood donation will save someone's life

Your blood donation will definitely save someone’s life

So, this idea started to create a database for the donors in all of turkey, and they would be contacted when there were patients in need of blood from a group corresponding to their respective groups

The link below to register people wishing to donate blood


We would like to point out that Elaf’s role is only to connect patients by telephone with those who wish to donate blood

Patients can communicate with the Officer-in-Charge of the Organization at the following number to direct them to those who wish to contribute.

The number of donors so far...

Some information about blood donation:

Blood transfusion is one of the operations that contribute to saving lives, it gives in such cases:

  • if there are complications for pregnant women, such as bleeding before, during, or after childbirth
  • For patients during surgeries such as heart operations, blood vessels, organ transplant surgery, and others
  • People with a blood disease
  • injured in accidents 
  • Cancer patients

Conditions for blood donation:

  • The blood donor must be in good health and doesn’t have any infectious diseases
  • The age of the donor is 18-65 years
  • The donor must weigh at least 50 kg
  • The pulse is between 50-and 100 per minute
  • The temperature should not exceed 37 ° C
  • The blood pressure rate is less than 120/80 mmHg

Benefits of blood donation:

  • Increased bone marrow activity to make new blood cells (red pellets, white pellets, and blood sheets).
  • Increase circulatory activity.
  • Blood donation helps reduce blood iron because it’s one of the causes of heart disease and thrombosis.
  • Studies have shown that those who donate blood at least once a year are less likely to develop circulatory diseases and leukemia.

Cases that are not allowed to donate blood:

  • Less than 18 years old.
  • Infectious diseases (AIDS, hepatitis B, and C, syphilis, malaria).
  • People with a hereditary blood disease.
  • People with severe anemia.
  • People with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.

Advice after blood donation:

  • After donating, you take a break and have a snack, and after 10-15 minutes you can leave the donation place.
  • Avoid heavy physical activity or lifting heavy loads for 5 hours after donation.
  • When feeling “dizzy,” it is recommended to lie on the back with the feet raised.
  • Too many liquids.

Let's contribute to spreading good and saving someone's life