By studying the ongoing needs in northern Syria, Elaf seeks to provide aid and implement the required campaigns in a manner that suits the current circumstances.

It is working on launching ongoing campaigns such as Elaf and Cold Winter.

The campaign to support children with disabilities (CWD)

“Mohammed, Abdul Majeed, Fatima, Hadeel and other children who suffer from permanent disabilities and waiting us to help them and provide all possible support.
Children are the most affected group by the war in Syria especially children with disabilities of all kinds, these disabilities were a result of injuries related to hostilities actions or damage affected the community, in the absence and lack of the projects to help them overcome their ordeals because disabled children are more exposed to the risks of violence than others and face difficulties in accessing basic services, including health and education. more than 1.5 million of Syrian people now live with permanent disabilities because of the war, and there is 86,000 who lost their limbs.
This campaign is for them to provide their basic needs
“Be with us so we can be with them, our hearts get together… for good we stand together”

Ramadan Campaign 2022 - Elaf 7