Humanitarian cases

Daham Al-Ali

Daham has a tragic story, behind his bad tent, there is a family of five children and his wife and all of them live in poor situation and the worst of all Daham’s health status, Daham has a mutilation, dislocated elbow and kidney stones So, we visited and provide them with a monthly sponsorship

Huda and Khitam

Huda and khitam are two orphan sisters ,they live with their uncle, who receive a low salary that does not exceed 400 Turkish lira and is the breadwinner for a family that consists of his wife and a baby(6 months)and two ..

Uncle Mohamad

Uncle Mohamad live with his widowed daughter-in-law and her 7 children Haj Mohamad lost his eyesight because of grieving on his wife and two sons, his wife died because of heart disease, his first son died in a car accident and his second son died because of shelling. Uncle ..

Nader Al Ali family

Brother Nader’s family, consisting of three daughters and two children, has been displaced for nine years to the Atmeh camps in northern Syria. It consists of father Nader, 45 years old, who suffers from...

Um Sattam

The days pass while "Om sattam" lives in her bad tent, where the wind blows her walls She lives with her nine children in this tent, three of her children were injured by unexploded ordinance (UXO) from the war when they were playing outside. This unfortunate accident accompanied with substandard living conditions caused devastating psychological effects to these children

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