Supply chain

Job Code: HR-TR-21005 Job: Supply chain officer
Department: Supply chain Workplace: Turkey, Antakya
Report to: line manager
About ELAF RD:
ELAF for Relief and Development (ELAF RD) is a humanitarian, non-profit, non-governmental organization registered in Turkey(Registration 083-019-27).
ELAF RD has taken upon itself the humanitarian response to serve the context of Syrian and mitigate theeffects of the crisis.ELAF RD has several offices in
Gaziantep and Antakya in addition to its offices inside Syria in Jindiris town in Northern countryside of Aleppo governorate and Kelly town in Northern
countryside of Idleb governorate, ELAF RD seeks to achieve its goals through the implementation of high-quality projects, purposeful and varied in Syria
and Turkey to service the refugees and IDPs.
Primary tasks:
1. Workingclosely with ProgramsManagement to plan and coordinate procurements needs.
2. Creates requests for quotes, drafts bids, and organizes all bid documentations for goods and services.
3. Obtaining quotes from vendors, and serves as the focal point for communication with all vendors.
4. Mentions the names of potential vendors to make complete the necessary anti-terrorist compliance checks.
5. Ensuring that all bids are received by deadline and that all necessary information and documentation from vendor is obtained.
6. Negotiates for best purchasing package (in terms of quality, price, term, delivery and service) with suppliers and sub-contractors assigned.
7. Evaluates bids proposals, prepares bid analysis documents, submits all bid analysis and all pertinent information to country office.
8. Assists the selection equipment and consumables that’s fit within the criteria and decided upon ELAF RD technical advisors.
9. Ensures that all bids are in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
10. keeping the complete and updated purchasing records/data and pricing in the software system. ·
11. Setting up the scheduled store visits and conduct competitor surveys.
12. Monitoring and coordinating deliveries process for the items between suppliers to ensure that all items are delivered to the agreed final target.
Secondary tasks:
1. In close coordination with line manager, updating the current organization’s supply chain strategy.
2. Analyzing data from shipping and delivering processes to find the interpreted and other issues.
3. Evaluating and reporting on KPIs.
4. Monitor logistics to make sure they run smoothly.
5. Maintain supply chain inventory and records.
6. Training and guiding employees
7. Find cost-effective solutions for supply chain processes
8. Resolve issues that come up (e.g., delays in delivery, accidents)
9. Collaborating with other departments to create coordinated plans for work growth
10. Developing and implementing safety guidelines in all aspects of the supply chain (e.g., use of trucks …etc)
11. Ensuring that supply chain processes meet legal requirements and donor’s standards
12. Communicate and negotiate with suppliers and vendors to build more profitable deals.

Child safeguarding policy:

SARAYKENT MAH. 358 SOK VEFA APT NO: 23/1 || [email protected]
Antakya / Hatay / Turkey
Child abuse in all its kind is unacceptable to ELAFRD, which recognizes its responsibility to protect children from harm in all areas of work. ELAF RD is
committed to ensuring a safe zone and environment for children and applying a zero-tolerance approach towards any kind of child abuse and exploitation.
Protection against sexual exploitation and abuse and harassment policy (PSEAH):
ELAF RD has expressly prohibited any form of discrimination, abuse, or harassment (sexual or otherwise), based on origin, race, religion, national origin,
sex, age, sexual orientation, marital status, citizenship status, disability, or military status. ELAF RD employees and related must not, under any
circumstances, participate in any form of discrimination, harassment, abuse (physical, sexual, or verbal), intimidation or exploitation, or in any other way
that violates the rights of others inside or outside ELAF RD.

1. Advanced University degree in a relevant field or discipline such, Economics, Engineering.etc. or First University degree with additionalyears of
related work experience and/or training/courses.
2. Previous experience as a one of supply chain staff or in a similar field.
3. Excellent knowledge of supply chain processes
4. Strong communication skills
5. Excellent organizational and project management skills
6. Attention to detail
7. Creative problem-solving
8. A strategic and analytical mind
9. Degree in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, or similar field
Personal skills:
1. Leadership and responsibility.
2. Effective communication skills
3. negotiation skills
4. The ability to make a decision.
5. Time management skills.
6. Excellent command of Arabic and English.
7. Teamwork and delegation of tasks.
8. • Good handling of computer programs.

Staff relation:

TheSupply chain officer will also work closely with the finance department to ensure all needed documentation for grant financial reports, including,
invoices, signed receipts, shipping and handling papers, and anti-terrorist compliance checks are correct and properly stored and archived.

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