Food Security and livelihood: 

  1. FSL Areas Coordination Groups:
  2. Idlib and Western Aleppo CG.
  3. Afrin District CG.
  4. A’zaz, Jarablus, and Al-Bab Districts CG.


FSL Technical Working Groups:

  1. Livestock Technical Working Group (LTWG).
  2. Agriculture Technical Working Group (ATWG).
  3. Bakeries and Bread Coordination Group (BBCG).
  4. Cash Working Group (CWG).


ATWG – FSL Cluster (WhatsApp group).

FSL Coordination Group – ST (Skype group).

FSL ST COVID-19 Focal Points (Skype group).


  1. Child Protection Sub-Cluster.
  2. GBV Sub-Cluster.

Shelter and Non-Food items:

Site Planning Support Group (Skype group)

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