Dignified shelter project

Project information
Project name:
Dignified shelter project
Project type:
Shelter and Nonfood items (SNFI)
In the Hatay region, specifically in Iskendrun and Arsuz, our humanitarian efforts have made a significant impact. We have provided and installed 500 sturdy and weather-resistant tents, offering shelter and protection to 8,000 beneficiaries in need. Furthermore, we’ve ensured access to clean and safe portable water, addressing a crucial aspect of daily life for the affected population. In addition to providing essential shelter and water services, we’ve extended support to improve living conditions. We’ve distributed electronic vouchers (e-vouchers) for clothing to 3,000 beneficiaries, allowing them to select clothing items that suit their needs and preferences. Additionally, hygiene kits have been distributed to all 8,000 beneficiaries, promoting better …
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