"Be with us and help them"

Humanitarian situation

Um Sattam is a thirty-five-year-old widow. Her husband died five and a half years ago, as he went missing during the forced displacement. Umm Sattam and her family were displaced from their village, Tal Al-Daman, in the southern countryside of Aleppo, and she is now residing in the northern countryside of Idlib in a tent made of blankets in a random place. Jose has nine sons, five girls and four sons, the eldest of whom is fifteen years old, the twins Raja and Fatima, as they are the ones who work in agricultural lands for a daily wage of ten Turkish liras to secure a small part of the family's requirements. She has three children who have amputations in their limbs due to the explosion of a bomb left over from the bombing. None of the children go to school because of extreme poverty and the inability of the housewife to provide all the necessities and needs of her family. The family lives in a tent that lacks the minimum necessities of life as it does not protect the summer heat Nor the cold of winter, the tent consists of a place to sit, the tent is built on dirt and stones

ايلاف قلوب تتآلف... للخير تتكاتف